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Aaron Und Pascal


Aaron Und Pascal


Aaron Und Pascal


Two young producers from Italy. The passion for clubbing and music prompt the two guys to seek a genre constantly innovative. The project intends to promote a kind of music built around techno and deep groove. Starting in 2009 they try to reach the objective to increase their importance in the clubbing world releasing high quality e.p. on the most influent label of international scene. Their music appears on label such as Apparel Music, Monique Musique, Sleep Is Commercial, OFF Recordings etc… In 2010 they also start a new label project like A/R and producer in collaboration with Dejavu Boutique called Secouer Records. The project is a starting point to collaborate with International artists and young producers trying to impose their own music in the clubbing scene. The project receives attention from artists like Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Reboot, Gorge, Erick Morillo, Lauhaus, Gavin Herlihy and many more. In the 2009 they start also to play in a different clubs in Italy and europe reaching the most underground console of these place. Their set is characterized by a fresh and crispy sound made of deep and techno groove with elements taken from 80s and electronic musico of middle-europe. They also start a live-set project characterized by their passion for analog machines and warm sound. In 2010 their tracks receives reviews from DE:BUG, Dj Forum Review and their music appears on the most important radio show in the clubbing scene like Ibiza Sonica and Ibiza Global Radio confirming their artistic growth. Charted by Lahuaus, Gavin Herlihy, Marco Carola, Claude Monnet, Mark Knight, Dani Casarano, Henry Chow, Ben Watt, Elon, Luciano Esse they continue to put their passion in music.