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Adjustment Bureau


Adjustment Bureau

United Kingdom


Mozez dedication to music takes us back to his early days of singing with his brothers. He was first noticed however in 1996 as part of the duo Spirits who gave us the memorable Don’t Bring Me Down and Spirit Inside (15th and 18th in the national charts respectively).

He was to create more magic later with the band Zero 7, whom he wrote, sang and toured with for a number of years, the product of which we are still hearing daily with songs such as This World, I Have Seen, Simple Things, Warm Sound, Morning Song etc., which has graced the airways since 2001 and has become classics in their own right.Mozez work has been featured on several Movies including “Running for Time,The Adjustment Bureau” CSI Miami plus various adverts and soundtracks.

2006 brought another change to Mozez’s growing career producing and writing with the likes of Guy Sigsworth, (Madonna, Bjork, Seal) Ben Chapman (Pink Floyd), George Evelyn (Nightmares On Wax), Alex Morris and Tom Quick, giving us a broader view of his talent. So Still, his first solo album, was a passionate cleverly crafted album one that is worth listening to over and over again, with songs such as Feel Free,(soundtrack on CSI and the movie Running for Time) Baby Blue, Venus Rise, Fuzz and Beautiful Day.

His new album The Absolute features a number of beautiful songs which he has written and produced, featuring production with Tony White, Tom Quick plus other writers and producers. Mozez has imparted more of his production ability on his latest work giving us a slightly harder edge to this softly spoken man.

The Absolute he describes as a journey, a journey into a multi floral expanse of coloured sounds.