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Alberto Sola


Alberto Sola


Alberto Sola


When you mention Alberto Sola it is impossible to not talk about an innovative person, with a complete passion for all things music.

After studying composition and acoustics at University, Alberto merged his findings with his first passion of DJing and performing which has lead him to where he is today. Throughout Spain he has defined himself as an eclectic artist, merging the best of each style in electronic music without truly attaching himself to just one type of sound. His appreciation of avant-garde and underground music have defined his tastes and interests and helped to form Alberto┬┤s belief that a DJ must use his work to teach and produce.

Having played most of the prominent clubs in Spain alongside important artists of the world like Tania Vulcano, 2000 and One, Magda, Guido Schneider, James Holden, Anja Schneider, Troy Pierce and others, Alberto has used his time in the booth to shape the sound he represents both in playing and producing today. His club credits in Spain include Goa (Madrid), Danzoo (Madrid), Industrial Copera (Granada), Emporio (Seville), Fever (Bilbao) and internationally at Suburbia (Italy), Arma 17 (Russia), Tresor (Germany), Kindergarten (Bologna), Bonn (Germany) and London (UK). In addition, he has participated in the most important festivals of electronic music in Eastern Spain at the Palmeres Festival and Electrosplash Tour respectively.

Now in 2009, after a steady career progression, Alberto is ready to release his first works of production on the Barraca Music label. The first release Big Cake alongside studio partner AFFKT is due for release in May and comes complete with a 2000 and One remix