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Alex Long


Alex Long


Alex Long


Already well established in regional electronic music environment, Alex Long is on a mission to make a statement on worldwide dancefloors as well. Marching in 2012 topping the vinyl sales chart with his recent release on Afulab, “Sarcastic response”, together with precious support from worlds best known techno artists, such as Richie Hawtin, Umek, Mistress Barbara, Stephan Bodzin, Paco Osuna and others, all the effort from the past is slowly coming to pay off.

But this is now. What brought Alex Long to that point?

Being impressed and inspired by the sounds of syths, electro pop and acid house, when the regional electronic music scene was still in the earliest stages of development, Alex Long was already making his mark in his hometown, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Being a DJ first and producer later on, the first results of his work slowly began to show. In 2005 Alex Long’s track released on Abyss records found its place on Fabric 22 compilation selected and mixed by Adam Beyer, released on Fabric. On the same compilation we find tracks by Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Dominik Eulberg, Hertz, Cari Lekebusch, Slam,…

That fact opened the box and combined with other quality releases and appearances that followed, Alex attracted attention from Slovenia’s best known techno artist, Umek, who offered hand with various guidelines on music production. He also invited Alex to play on biggest local electronic music events. Alex’s production skills were awarded in 2007 when he won the award for the best track at DiscoNautica 2007 festival. At that time, DiscoNautica was the biggest Slovenian open-air festival that attracted over 50.000 people in 2 days. Later on, Alex received another recognition by Umek, when he was invited to famous “1605 – The young blood of the tribe” tour.

Alex did not stop there. The events from the past gave him boost and in 2008 he joined Sidechain Records. He released Wicked EP on newly founded label and the tracks were highly supported by Umek who later in 2009 invited Alex to release on his label, Sixteenofive – 1605. Hectic Motion, as the release was called, draw attention of worlds most popular djs and was supported by artists such as Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Sebastien Leger, Nick Warren, Christian Varela and many more. It was pure hard work and talent that brought Alex another milestone in his career. Everyone knows legendary band called Laibach, but only a few know, that it was Alex Long`s remix of Laibach – Contrapunctus VII (Laibachkunstderfuge) that was picked as official outro song and played on each concert of Laibach band world tour in 2009. The same year Alex was invited by a techno and electronic music legend of our time, Thomas P. Heckmann, to release on his A.F.U. label. The premiere release was called Space Age Trippin and ever since, Alex is releasing regulary on Heckmann`s label. If we quote Heckmann from recent interview for Partysan magazine (Stutgart edition): “Alex Long is a producer that makes really hot techno & house music!”, we can say nothing less and can only add, that Alex Long is proving just that!

Alex Long is ready to rock your crowd!