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Alex Preda


Alex Preda

The Netherlands

Alex Preda


Alex Preda has been perfecting his production and mixing skills for the last few years. He joyfully combines the traditional sounds of techno, tech house and deep house with a strong melodic flavor, which has repeatedly proven to transpose the crowds from a state of joy and calm to an outburst of energy.

His style is seamless, whether he is in the studio or at the DJ booth. He has reached his fan base mainly in Europe with the strongest presence in the Netherlands, the UK and Romania.

In recent times, Alex has gone from strength to strength. This continuous progression is personified in his release “Bucium”, topping on Manual Music, his home label. This year he is expanding his releases on Stripped Digital and Krafted Music Group, further shaping his modern sound signature.

Established local and international DJs support Alex Preda: Miss Melera via her renown podcast Colourizon, Nick Waren via his March 2015 Top 10 Beatport chart, Olivier Weiter via his Spotify playlist, Dimitri from Amsterdam via his DJ sets all around the Netherlands, Paul Hazendonk via his DJ sets and various press articles.

His ‘+1 Podcast’ is increasingly popular and heard on a monthly basis at top hour on His music is charted and played through various radio stations and shows such as Krafted Music Radio, Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Decoded Radio, Progressive House Worldwide Promo Sessions.

A producer and a DJ with a refreshing modern sound – elevating himself and his music every day.

CONTACT: alex [at]

BOOKINGS: alex [at]