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Alex Van Ratingen


Alex Van Ratingen

Alex Van Ratingen


Every now and again you come across a natural born musician, a distinguished individual who possesses an intuitive passion and predisposition for living, sleeping and breathing music.Alex Van Ratingen embosses exactly that.Hailing from Germany’s fourth largest city of ‘Cologne’, Alex Van Ratingen’s honest affection for music shines-through in both his intelligent productions and his ability to proliferate the dance floor.With his native city having already spawned two of the industry’s most exciting house and techno acts, in Robert Babicz and Michael Mayer, Alex Van Ratingen has every intention of following a similar pathway to success as his Cologne born predecessors.Having embarked upon his musical career aged just 16 years young, mastering both the drums and electric guitar along the way, it wasn’t long before Alex succumbed to experimenting with electronic music. Swaying more towards a technological approach to his mixing, Alex preferred to play around with his Behringer BCR2000 and the latest ‘gear’, rather than investing in a vinyl collection. Such a decision has led to his playing style evolving with the use of Ableton Live and Maschine, maintaining that special live element in all of his performances.Drawing influences from fellow German compatriots Stimming, tINI and the endless list of Berlin-born techno prodigies,Alex has worked long and hard at honing his distinct sound, which he assuredly defines as ‘a fusion of deep house and techno, emotively produced to touch the listeners mind’.His first E.P. ‘Brave New World’ was released on ‘My First Love Records’ in 2012, and featured a welcomed remix from the UK’s Birmingham born ‘Augustus Gloop’. Since then, Alex has enjoyed releases on ‘Konzentrisch Music’ and ‘Souled Black Records’, with further releases due out on ‘Vandalism Musique’ and ‘Baile Musik’ in autumn 2013.Alongside spending countless hours curating his own productions, 2013 also saw the establishment of ‘Steppers and Sleepers’, an independent record label founded by both Alex and Augustus Gloop. Assuming the role of Head of A&R, the label strives to provide a platform for something new and different, with this exciting venture further assuring just how devoted to the music this true professional genuinely is. Drawing increasing attention from the likes of tINI, Chad Andrew, Randall M, David Gtronic and Alexandar Kyosev, to name but a few, it is fair to say that this instinctive musician has an exciting and prosperous future ahead, as he continues in his pursuit of composing captivating music to stimulate the mind.