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Alexander Maier


Alexander Maier


Alexander Maier


Alexander Maier was born ’74 in Stuttgart. As a teenager he worshipped „The Cure” and „Depeche Mode”. Beside his deejay- and producer-career he works as a online marketing consultant for a internet agency, loves to cook regional and asian food or is yearing for summer.

He loathes all the boulevard media hypes, but likes trash-tv. His fridge always contains a bootle of iced vodka and serano ham. Before climbing into bed, he always drinks a coke, smokes a fag, goes to toilet, sets the alarm clock on his iphone and feeds his two cats.

Alex started his passionate dj and producer career in the early 90s. At the tender age of 16 he started playing different events around Stuttgart in more or less legal locations, such as derelicted warehouses or bunkers from the 2nd world war. Through these events, club owners became aware of him. After some guest appearances beside of Sven Väth and own events in legendary Club OZ in Stuttgart, Alex got his first residency at the club “Splash” (a little outside of town) at the age of 18 years.

He’s playing and producing from fresh house to dark detroit-techno, always deep and often spiced with some melancholia. He loves his own “Moshi Moshi”-Home-Recording-Studio and is proud of his Roland vintage drum-machines and the lady 303.

Since late 2008 he is part of the Moodmusic-Family and is flying the flag for Sasses label in the german motorcity. Beside his releases on Moodmusic he’s welcome producer and remixer for known labels Compost, Different, Parquet, Hypercolour, Apersonal, Galaktika, Compuphonic, and more.

In 2010 he started the project “almaMALE” together with good friend Marius Lehnert (Discotronic). End of 2014 they released their 3rd track on Stuttgart-based Parquet-Recordings and dedicated the track “ROCKER 33” to their longtime-residency, closed early 2014.

After a creative break last year 2015 Alex is working hard on new music and founded a new collaboration with Thomas Sari: “BASIC (OPERATORS)”! The 1st release is scheduled to this summer on Galaktika Rec. (BCN)