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Obscure textures, catching melodies, heavy beats let your mind free. Absence of light, deep darkness, escape from reality, Altman is live.

Altman is an eclectic musician always experimenting different styles at the same time not losing sight of his roots, deeply established into techno music.
Obscure textures, catching melodies, heavy beats are the key elements of his sound. Listening to his productions, you end up in a parallel world, where rules do not exist anymore. Altman is quiet chaos.
Engaging in various projects and producing different musical genres, he starts playing in important clubs in Milan, as Magazzini Generali, Amnesia, Tunnel and Magnolia. Decides to devote his life to music and moves to London, attending one of the best Sound Academies to acquire a good technical knowledge and understand the essence of music.
After long years of research into sound and inner investigation, he started the project Altman with Just This, one the most important labels of the deep techno scene: by now, he played at Tunnel (Milan), Distortion Festival (Copenhagen) and Off Sonar (Barcelona), alongside artist like Stephan Bodzin, Ripperton, Hunter/Game, Pisetzky, Somne, Baikal, Roman Flügel, Redshape, Christian Löffler Lake People…
His first release is coming out in October on Just This but his tracks are already played by some of the biggest artists of techno scene.