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André Hommen


André Hommen


André Hommen


If I had to describe what house music means to me – it may sound vague – but all i can say is, house music is my motherland, my home… in the figurative sense, it’s like a place where i really feel at ease. A strong statement from DJ André Hommen, who has probably seen hotel-rooms just as frequently as his own four walls of late.

André Hommen was introduced to the music he loves via the radio. Musically his hometown Nettetal in western Germany doesn’t have much to offer at first glance, although more than a few world-famous producers started their career there in the mid nineties. The music at the parties of his young peers wasn’t interesting for André. Seminal radio-shows opened him the doors to a world of music, which was way more thrilling and intriguing to him. On one of these days he made his decision: House music with its warmth and its groove is the sound which shall become his musical home. André Hommen started mixing by himself, at first in his bedroom but soon at some underground parties in his home-region.

André Hommen’s life script continues to build traction with house music at it’s center. He is part of the administrative and creative team behind Dennis Ferrer’s New York City based Objektivity imprint and has had the opportunity to develop projects by artists including Ferrer, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Henrik Schwarz and more. In collaboration with the producer Gorge of the 8bit label, André Hommen’s first release for Objektivity was created. His acclaimed debut title Marashi from 2009 was one of the most played tracks of that year. In 2010, another collaboration with Gorge followed. Hakunyo was released on Germany’s cult-label Plastic City.

In 2011, East Coast house legend Dennis Ferrer has announced No Difference. For this release, Ferrer teamed up with his long-time touring partner, André Hommen, to drop a slab of stripped-down and funked- out deep house. The single features complicated chords, chopped-up male vocals, and creatively re-sampled percussion to arrive at a skeletal but effective track. No Difference came out on Objektivity and was played by nearly all big names of the worldwide house music scene.

After a lot touring from 2011 – 2014, André finally found the time to go back in the studio. Following his well received remix of Ane Brun’s ‘To Let Myself Go’ on Objektivity, it was finally time for his very own, first ever solo EP called The Bottom Line mid 2014. This groovy number consists of three tracks that are style-wise all very different, showing off Hommen’s wide range as producer.

EP’s title track ‘The Bottom Line’ was first featured in André’s Boiler Room NY set (February, 2014), receiving great response and a massive Track ID? -explosion on social media. ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Reach Out’ on the B side do not disappoint either – as groovy as they are energetic, they would fit well in different stages of any set.

We should be excited that more tracks by André Hommen are coming soon and if you see him perform in a distant club somewhere around the world, fear not for he is not homesick. André Hommen has found his home.