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Hailing from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur based producer & dj .Self taught and versatility at its best with a profound love toward dance music.

Arzuk exposure to different styles and genre of music is rather potent. Dj’ing professionally has always been something that he seek to attain over long period of time. It has always been in his interest to face and endure any challenges that may come.

His versatility in genres made him adapt easily and undergo with any changes in the dance music scene. His ability to cross genre is ascertained. Making him invisible to borders of music evolution.

Since his first DJ debut in year 2008 . He was given multiple platform gradually in well known clubs in Kuala Lumpur which strike an opportunity to build his fan base behind the decks.

Hosting club nights with his DJ acquaintances, he has since enjoyed immense success to moving crowds with his musical styles. An addition, he was entrusted to do an opening set for International recognized DJ’s such as Kim Fai & Angger Dimas.

Provided multiple exposures and experiences along the years, on year 2009 he started to become more keen towards creating and producing. Which gave him more tools to pave his way towards the musical path.

His tracks was featured in few underground blogs and music community site that made him visible Internationally. More to that, he was given a chance to get his mix set on international airwaves Fresh FM 92.7 (Ade) Australia in a show called The Warehouse.

In year 2011, he is set to blast the local scene and internationally with his own exclusives combining with chart climbers thus creating his unique signature as a dj and producer.

Arzuk aims to bring a whole new sound to bigger audience by following his vibes and inspiration.