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As Patria


As Patria



Pablo Gonzalez, a.k.a, Pablo Gy . Born in Resistencia (Argentina). is a

DJ, who since as a child influenced by bands like, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, The Prodigy, among others … It was guiding their musical preference.

Finally, in mid 2003 started to listen house of the ’80s, funk and disco music, exploring new sounds. His started in to the world of electronic music listening artists such Eric Prydz, John Digweed, Alexander Coe, Danny Tenaglia, and Richie Hawtin.

Years later, and hand the DJ Adrian Romero Dri (ARD) and Juan Escobar (B.O.N.G.), performed 6db course (School of DJ and music production), where received lessons on mixing and production Music.

It thus becomes a very versatile and dynamic artist when mixing at a party, militant of the house and techno, depending on the dance floor, her style may focus as much as in the deep House, such as House or Tech House.

In 2008, with his friend and colleague Favio Chevalier creates SUPREME MELODY. They are a DJ duo playing a kind of B2B with a single line of sound.

In recent years, Pablo blended in different events, among which are:

MCE Partys (Resistencia – Argentina), Under Beats (Resistencia – Argentina), Electronic Nights (Resistencia – Argentina), Groove Night (Corrientes – Argentina), Beach Time (Paso de la Patria – Corrientes – Argentina), ; Castillo Robert Disco (Corrientes – Argentina), Free Shin Party (Resistencia – Argentina), Afters Beats (Corrientes – Argentina), ; Electronic Fest (Resistencia – Argentina) … And More…

RADIOS: Nightlife with Horalibre 104.70 Mhz (Resistencia – Argentina), 107.30 Mhz ESSENTIAL BEAT (Resistencia – Argentina), Only House Radio (Formosa – Argentina), Maxi Mus 94.50 MHz (Corrientes – Argentina) and many more…