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Ashwin Khosa


Ashwin Khosa


Ashwin Khosa


Ashwin Khosa is a young recording artist and DJ born and raised in Hong Kong, who then studied Philosophy, Politics & Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He now lives between New York, Berlin, Barcelona and Hong Kong. Originally listening to his father’s trance collection before even reaching 10 years old, his curiosity later led him deeper into underground house and techno.

His musical talents have always been astonishing. Although originally a bass guitarist with band ‘Madison’, which played at several international festivals including Jamfest 2008 in Hong Kong, he has always been a lover of underground house and techno. Electronic music was around since an early age for Ashwin because of his mother and father who have also always been dance music enthusiasts. His father would collect 90s trance and techno records which propelled Ashwin’s quest into the electronic music scene since childhood.

His music features dynamic grooves, deep basslines and complex musicality – all bundled together by a gripping soundscape. He has many releases under his belt on various record labels including German giants Traum Schallplatten, TRAPEZ, and also techno mainstay Sian’s (Octopus Recordings) fresh label Hydrozoa. These releases are flurried with positive feedback, support and plays from DJs around the world, including Pan-Pot, Davide Squillace, Umek, Danny Tenaglia, Paco Osuna and so on. Always hungry and always busy with shows and releases, the young and energetic Ashwin Khosa is a name to watch.