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Beat Movement


Beat Movement


Beat Movement


Both of south italian salentine origins, Mattia Prete andSimone Scardino are “Beat Movement”.Since young, theyhave explored their enthusiasm and cultivated their passionfor music especially in the art of DJing thus originating theirunique style. An amalgam, mixing deep-dark stylz withelectronic techno. T heir “Back to back” on stageperformances gained them popularity through positive criticsthat opened doors to tread the boards of the best SalentineClubs which are the epicenter of the Italian night life. In 2010Mattia and Simone created the Beat Movement concept: theaim of this musical project is to spread their idea of music,based on a single identity with all types of artisticcombinations..Within two years of public reach theysucceeded in performing in Paris gaining a position in theinternational scene through successful cohesion within theteam members : Guido Nemola (Recycle), Onur Ozer(Cocoon), Untold Concept (Crs Rec), Renè (Circoloco Ibiza)and many others.I