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Ben Murk


Ben Murk

United States

Ben Murk


Ben Murk’s musical maturity was reached in the City of Miami listening and learning from the best producers and Dj’s that visit the area. 4 years in the making, Ben Murk sound was organically molded from scratch, perfected to reach audiences and listeners around the globe! Check out Ben Murk newest releases on Beatport, and stay tuned for more!

Evolving is a way of life for a Dj, especially Ben Murk. Constantly re-shaping and wondrously re-defining the art of musical expression, Ben Murk’s mission is to stimulate those frequencies in your ears never shaken before. Sonically, his music can start at the minimal and deep end of the spectrum, and as the night progresses, it too can change into harder, darker, chunky techno, with melody and rhythm in perfect equilibrium, to move the hearts as well as the feet of any clubber nearby.
His sound is fit for both small rooms, big rooms, or even festivals. Warming up an empty room to a crowded dance floor is his niche. Ben Murk’s journey as an artist, a constant evolution towards perfection, is what we all crave and desire from those artists whom inspire us most. Each time a carefully curated track is played in his sets, it too expands our senses towards a fresh horizon, and thus transforms us into extraordinary beings. This very energy is what propels a new production or a mix when it is being crafted by Ben Murk. No stranger to crowds, Ben Murk’s love for music began as early as age 6 singing and performing in children musicals. In the 90s, he played guitar in rock bands, and also Dj’ed with his fathers sound company throughout high school, until earning a Recording Arts Degree in college. After falling in love with the do-it-yourself spirit of electronic music, his focus has solely been the creation of dance floor oriented tunes, and building the perfect mixed journeys that tell a story, and guide the listener into a new plane of consciousness.
It is for this reason, Ben Murk continually learns and expands his knowledge in mastering the craft of total sonic nightclub domination through the air vibrations we call sound. In 2015, with nothing but vision and ambition, Ben Murk created a techno label with his partners in Miami, Morph, which has been growing in a steady pace, placing artists on the Beatport and Traxsource Top 100 Charts in Minimal, Tech House, and Techno, by carefully selecting its releases, while also continuing to focus on releasing music on quality labels, and reaching bigger audiences across the globe, one record at a time.