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Ben Solar


Ben Solar


Ben Solar


Hailing from Belgium, Ben Solar is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist and DJ with a unique approach to his blend of techno music.

Boasting over 12 years of experience behind the decks, Ben started spinning records on wax back when he was 16, and he never stopped innovating his style and reaching out to the audience with his infectious set lists.

His music is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy, uplifting sequences, vocals, and great production values that rival the golden age of techno. In spite of a musical past that strayed far from electronica, it did not take long for Ben, born Benjamin Vanderzeypen, to get more and more interested in what happens behind the pure act of performing. When an artist becomes incredibly passionate about making music, diving into production is definitely the next logical step, because thats where the magic happens!

Ben began producing electronic music with a particular focus on minimal techno, and he started to unfold a whole new world of possibilities, as electronic music production is kind of like a huge, limitless canvas: the only boundary is ones creativity!

Formerly known as The Nutty Producer, Ben later moved from a dark, melodic and psychedelic blend of minimal to a more complex and layered approach to techno, which was becoming increasingly popular, particularly in central Europe – home to a fervent party scene!
As of 2014, Benjamin went by the moniker of Ben Solar, and he is still running strong, spinning for huge crowds, collaborating with great artists and pushing the envelops in every production!

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story.