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Blake, dj and producer for Eclectic Records and Ocean Trax. He is blamed for tunes like Rock Over You and What I Like played and supported by people like Fake Blood, Kissy Sell Out, Don Rimini, Tommie Sunshine and many more.

Blake is a dj, producer, remixer and Eclectic Records founder. In the dance scene for 10 years he has released records on vinyl, CD and digitally for many important European dance labels before creating his own brand Eclectic Records.

We can find his tune and remixes on Systematic, Azuli, Rise, Ocean Trax, Afro Art, Mo-Do, Serial Killer, Dak and many others. As a producer he is quite versatile and has done music on his own and with various partners.
One of the first and most important collaboration has been with Zak Frost as Frogsnatcher and Solid Foundation with two records on Paul Murphy’s legendary label Afro Art and on Moustache Records. Most recently he has produced the swedish singer and performer Elle A releasing various singles and an album.

We also need to mention Blake long collaboration with Bini and Martini’s label Ocean Trax. He has managed a recording studio for them and has produced various remixes and some good tunes under different names like: Softminds – Breakaway, Johnny Price – Diamond Geeza, Audio Unit – Club Dj (with Gianni Bini) and recently (finally as Blake) Dirty Pitcher, Make Up EP, The Future EP and Rock over You charted and played by Pete Tong and licensed to hundred compilations.

These records have been very succesfull and took him to be known worlwide and to be booked for gigs in many countries such as China, Russia, Greece and UK in important nights such as Trailer Trash, Nodisko and Going Places in London. We also need to remember one of his latest tune, What I Like which has been supported and charted by people such as Fake Blood, Don Rimini, Tommie Sunshine and Kissy Sell Out and licensed to so many labels.

In the recent times Blake has mainly managed his own label Eclectic Records, releasing many digital EPs and exploring his new passion for video editing. Now you can see him at his live gigs with Ableton surronded by his own video animations.

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