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Carl Roda


Carl Roda


Carl Roda


Young producer, DJ and label manager of ‘RodaRecords’ with high expectations in the scene, projection, ambitious and constantly evolving.He can be seen performing in many clubs around the world.

Since he released in 2008 his first track “Monkeyz” published in the prestigious French magazine ‘Trax’ and being burn in the sample cd (35,000 copies), his music has been played by many dj’s, going into worldwide radio charts, top 10 dance charts and top 10 sales charts @

Beatport. Recently he reached Top10@Beatport General Chart, Top5@Beatport Tech House Chart or Top8@Beatport House Chart.

He has releases coming and already published with other artists such as: David Jones, Dj PP, David Herrero, Dario Nuñez, Oscar L, etc.

Already signed in Hotfingers/303Lovers, Starlight, Vendetta, Oxyd, ….

In addition to his productions and the projection of his label, Carl Roda is a DJ who knows how to move the dance floor. His groovy sets , provoke intense feelings. Always close to his audience, making move not only the dj box, the entire room. With an extensive record, his sets ranging from House to Techno adapting at every moment to the preferences of their audience. He has shared the stage with many of the large halls in different countries, Spain, England, Germany, France, Brazil, Israel, Belgium…

Soon in your favourite club!