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Chicago Loop


Chicago Loop

Chicago Loop


Chicago Loop is a new alias from Ant, a techno DJ and producer from the U.K who has been involved in the scene for 2 decades, playing worldwide and releasing hundreds of tracks.The aim of this transformation was to move away from the faster sound of the London acid scene and to focus more on the fresh and modern sound of techno.After 6 months, some of the first Chicago Loop releases appeared on RespektRecordings, Renesanz, Keep On Techno and Naked Lunch (under collaborations with Mike Humphries and Thermobee called Jam Cell and Smoke & Dub respectively) and has had tracks remixed by Tomy DeClerque, Spektre and Balthazar & JackRock. Just a few of the artists that have already shown support for some of these releases include Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, The Advent and Slam. He has just recently signed a vinyl only EP to Praxxiz records, owned and run by the father of the Berlin Love Parade himself, Dr. Motte.Currently working on new tracks and remixes in the studio, Chicago Loop is always pushing for an exciting new take on themodern techno sound of today.