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Collective Machine


Collective Machine


Collective Machine



Collective Machine Dj/Producer

Mario Domjan aka Collective Machine was born in Hungary on 05/09/1987.He is one of those in the electric music scene who was a Dj first and started producing music only later on. This flip is important to be taken into consideration because he knows exactly how to make people move on the dancefloor. This way his tracks were published at respected historical labels already in the very first year of his career. The essence of Collective Machine is to make everybody dance. Most of the great DJs play his tracks all over the world nevertheless he is a super DJ too.

Márió Domján a.k.a. Collective Machine is one of the artists who first became a professional DJ then started to write his own songs. Due to his DJ presence he knows exactly from which music will start shaking the audience.

As a producer his first release came out under the name of well known labels. With the artist name Domyan he made a remix for Plastikman which was released on the legendary M_Nus 100 compilation, and with the same alter ego got on Maya Jane Coles Dj Kicks mix too.

He could be called as a resident of KD Music which has been running by Kaiserdisco because only in 2013 four times were released his songs at this label. His first album the “Essences” is released by the Hoehenregler Records, leading by Basti Grub. He choose this German label because he earlier made an LP with Larry Peters which has similar soundings and it was released by this label.

In the international electronic music life he became more and more respected, till today so many DJs had been played and included in its top lists his songs that it is almost impossible to mention everybody, however there is a few significant artists who are playing Collective Machines music: Carl Cox, Luciano, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin.

Márió has an unbelievable respect for the world of electronic music and of course for music in general, he worked together with 20 labels this year and he entertained hundreds of thousands of electronic music lovers across more than 10 countries. He also attended in the Burn Residency DJ competition and won the 1st Prize in Hungary. Then he flew to Ibiza and participated in the final challenge but the manager of Privilege did not choose him to be the winner although it is remarkable that Márió won his place from 5.000 of competitors.

He is a multicolored performer with exceptional technical knowledge which was also said by Valentino Barrioseta / leader of mentors at Burn/ in the summary video of the competition. Steve Lawler was also impressed by Máriós performance, he said in a
Resident Advisors interview that he was positively surprised by the Hungarian competitors performance.

Collective Machine is able to bring fresh energy wherever he goes he takes his audience in the party mood indifferently if he plays in a small club or at a big festival.