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Cora Novoa


Cora Novoa


Cora Novoa


Cora Novoa is an electronic music composer and DJ born in Ourense, the city where she developes her passion for music software and hardware. Her music mixes melodies plenty of feeling, with strong bases and synthesizers, in full harmony with his voice. Cora drinks from different musical styles like Techno, Electro or House, which combines perfectly to bring people a very personal and characteristic sound, always with the tinge of a pop influece, easily recognizable in her productions.Cora Novoa has also released on labels like Perspectiv, Hivern or Klangwelt. She just released on Natura Sonoris again with her debut LP “The Secret Garden” album that becomes at the moment her most important release, not only for herself, also for press and public.With a sweeping energy on stage, Cora ś “live” is her best presentation card, and gets adding, performance after performance, fervent followers of all that this professional musician, offers on each show.