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United States



Ignacio “Coriesu” Nunez, is a Dominican born producer turned Dj who was raised and currently resides in New Jersey, USA. His interests have always been interlaced with the arts going back to the days he spent at various art schools from 1997 to 2007. Hungry for further growth and development, Coriesu found himself quickly falling in love with the underground scene in the New York City night clubs. His passion for the music first manifested itself through intricate body movement on the dance floor and now through the mind blowing sounds escaping his studio speakers. Coriesu prides himself on his ability to create original patterns, funky accidentals, and his organic sound application. T he journey he creates in his production is original and the vibe unmistakable. His upcoming releases include underground labels such as Melotherapy Records, Zeitlos Music, Tapas Recordings, Spartacus Lab, Raw Level Records, Kosmophono, Kanja Records plus more…Coriesu doesn’t just produce music, he has something to say. The underground is tuning in and listening, are you ?