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Don’t be fashionable, be yourself!

Hardly inspired from artists of world renown, such as : Marc Antona, Ricardo Villalobos, Minilogue, Danny Tenaglia and others, from the beginning the fresh Italian project Counrad has been strongly affected by deep and techno tunes and the multitude variety of grooves of the different musical styles.
Music has always been his passion, from the tender age till now.
Counrad relishes the challenge of crafting techno that reveals itself gradually to the careful listener, emotions, sexy rhythms by way of subtle textures and melodies are the right ingredients of his sounds, generating an irresistible tension and sexy vibe in every own track.
Hard to enframe as a style, we are talking about the new age of techno, he loves to mix dark and dub-minimal sounds, making up a story, emotuions and surprises.
It’s all very organic and unusual.
This is what he try to maintain with more or less success.
There’s no strategy behind this, just produces what he feels.

Don’t be fashionable, be yourself!