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Cristian R


Cristian R



Born on August 22 1985 in the town of Temperley, Buenos Aires province. His first steps in electronic music were from the year 98. Began to hear the famous radio Energy, which in its time was the most listened, fascinated by several programs, such as the vinyl, the beat, urban groove, etc. Influenced in the beginning by Dany Tenaglia, Deep Dish, etc.. Today influenced by Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Garcia, John Digweed, Sasha etc. At its beginning their varied styles house, deep house, progressive.

2002 began a cycle in his first radio City FM Sensations Temperley, where was your day Sunday afternoon, today the radio no longer exists because of the bankruptcy.
2003 (Summer) was invited by another radio 97.5 de Lomas de Zamora, where they were 2 presentations live music, today also went to the radio because it belonged to the newspaper La Union. In the same year his first bowling was Clubbing by Banfield where every Friday was like a guest DJ on Saturdays and L’event as guest of the resident dj. September were praised by his people and the resident DJ.
2004, during the year had several private parties and dates in various pubs and bowling alleys of south, such as Big Soul, DejaVu, etc, which took pace at night south. That same year he began a course in radio Maxi Radio FM 90.5 (now Baires – (Banfield), where he was 3 months each presenting unique issues.
2005 in April had outstanding bowling performance on the San Bernardo boy, where there also was praised by the people. In the same year in July had their first residence was at Porto Pirata (Capital Federal), which was 7 months to serve as a resident.
2006 began with dates in various pubs and bowling in the south, such as Club Pellegrini (L. Z), L Event (Banfield) South A (Adrogué), D Zero (Temperley), La Cigale (Cap.Fed, etc.).
2007 followed the path of a presentation of the most prominent was the year in Bahrein, Capital Federal Club recognized artists go where national and international, in which he shared booth with Dj Buey, and other productions.

At present this to their productions, and continues with performances at various locations in Greater Buenos Aires and Capital Federal.
Another great year with production to further expand their creativity.
Today, their tracks are recognized in the world through charts and radio show, live sets with the support of producers and DJs, Support: John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo,Jimmy Van M, Luke Porter, Nick Warren, Martin Garcia, Flash Brothers,Denis A ,Lonya, Guy Mantzur, DeepFunk, SoulFire,Soundexile, Nick Varon,Sasha Le Monnier,Tini Tun,Kevin Shiu,Yamil Colucci,Sound Process,Marcelo Vasami,Gianni P ,Athan, Jondi & Spesh, Levan, Diyo, Python, Eryo & Arthur Deep, Vogelmann,Arion Grey, Denis Plastmassa , Dan Southward, Neftali Blasko, The Painkillers ,Beople,Jonatan Ramonda, Frede Goto, Ivelgo, Kevin Di Serna , Mariano Colombotto, Maxi Iborquiza,Carlog,Julian Rodriguez and many more. Very grateful for your support 🙂

At present this to their productions, and continues with performances at various locations in Greater Buenos Aires and Capital Federal.


Renaissance (UK) 2013
Movement Recordings
Particles (Proton)
System Recordings (UK)
Abstract Space Records
Stellar Fountain
Mirabilis Records
Asymmetric Recordings 2012
Soundteller Records 2012
Baroque Records (Inglaterra) 2012
Mistique Music (Eastern Europe,Georgia) 2012
Iboga Records Mexico (Mexico) 2012
SoulFire Downloads (Inglaterra)
Stripped Recordings (Inglaterra)
Elliptical Sun Records (Rusia)
Underground City Music (Rusia)
Seas 7 Records (Hungria)
7 Seas NuWave Records (Hungria)
Mistique Digital (Eastern Europe,Georgia)
Deepsessions Recordings (Grecia)
Bit Records (Mexico)
Kansak Recordings (Mexico)
Underground Lessons (Grecia)
Lick Beat Records (Peru-España)
LatinAmericanSounds (Colombia)

Please inquire for bookings (Live, DJ,) and remixes.

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