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Customer is a collaboration project between Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot, aka Dave Robertson. Inspired by a series of impromptu studio jam sessions during the Spring of 2013, the duo have quietly and steadily built up a catalogue of tracks, writing music together in the background of their solo careers, as they focused on developing a specific Customer sound and honed the dynamics of their hybrid influences. Fast forward to the present day and and handful of Customer productions have surfaced on Whistleblower Records, the fledgling imprint co-owed and run by Alan, Dave and their close friend, Rhymos, best known for his releases for Catwash, Rumours and Murmur.

Preferring to drip-feed their music into the public consciousness rather than adopt a more commercialised approach is typical of the motivations behind Customer, as Fitzpatrick explains. For me, Customer is about creative freedom. I have been fortunate to always work with labels who have never restricted me or tried to influence my sound and I am very grateful for this. But the thing is, if I am totally realistic and honest, after years of writing tracks, people expect a certain something from an Alan Fitzpatrick record. If I am writing under a different name it means I have a whole new freedom to just do whatever I feel creatively.

Equally, Customer have adopted a restrained attitude when transferring their studio productions to the performance arena, choosing to only perform a limited number of back-2-back DJ gigs at venues and events specifically selected for their unique atmosphere and vibe. As something of a first in the world of electronic music and DJs, Customer made their performance debut via a wolrdwide broadcast on Be-At.TV – – which was followed up two specially curated after-hours club gigs. Firstly, in London where Customer took over Jaded, the infamous weekly party at Corsica Studios, for the entirety of the Sunday session, and then most recently for Versteck in Berlin where they played for 6 hours to a specially invited crowd of in-the-know ‘heads’ who danced between walls of speakers erected amongst the retro surroundings of a 1950’s music studio recording room.

This desire to experiment and build a the project organically from the ground up is echoed Reset Robot. Its a very natural thing for Alan and I to make music together and Customer has turned out to be a really cool way for us write. When we get together to write Customer tracks we are totally relaxed and just hanging out in the studio, having fun with sounds we like and experimenting by pushing our creativity in different directions. And its the same when we DJ together. Customer is the chance for myself and Alan to let go from our usual sound and do things a little but differently. Musically, it is still techno and house, but we’re not trying to go in any particular direction with it and we feel that this approach is best suited to bespoke events or after hours where peoples minds are more open to hearing something separate from the norm.

A sentiment backed up by Fitzpatrick. My creativity is exaggerated when I write with Dave. He is someone Ive been friends with for 15 years and we know each other inside out, but of course we are also individuals with our own very particular set of influences and preferences, and this makes for a really potent combination. It is production dynamite, because our dynamic is smooth and slick and efficient and the total opposite of all the things that usually get in the way of a collab working, because we know each other so well, but we also bounce and spark off each because of our differences.