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Daniel Nitsch


Daniel Nitsch


Daniel Nitsch


In the middle of the 90s Daniel Nitsch began organising major events in the field of crossover/hip hop/big beat. Being open minded to all kinds of music finally lead him to electronic sounds. In 2001, he and Christian Gleinser founded a project called Nitsch&Gleinser. In the next years they released some EPs, Singles and Remixes on labels like Pocketgame, Lasergun, Voltage-Musique, I220 and many more. Motivated by the success of their releases, Daniel founded in 2003 together with Andreas Henneberg and Stefan Schuldt the Recordlabel “Voltage-Musique”. In the next years he plays as DJ and Liveact under the spirit of Voltage-Musique in a lot of clubs and at many festivals. Since 2007 he works together with Andreas Henneberg on the new project “The Glitz”. In 2010 and 2011 Daniel released his first Solo-Singles “Room To Room” and “Soul To Rest”. He worked also on Remixes for Samuel L. Session, Gary Beck and Funkwerkstatt. The DJ-Sets of Daniel Nitsch are characterized by his long experience, soulful moments and a warm deep groove. But feel it for yourself!