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Dark Chambers


Dark Chambers

United Kingdom


The quite man known as dark chambers an industry veteran for over 15 years, producer Dj and now record label owner of csGASRecords.

Dark Chambers aka Patric Mclean residing in Birmingham, UK.

From a young age realizing he was different from most kids and by the age of 22 he finished college with a sound engineering qualification. Having several roles in his career like TV, Pirate radio, and various engineering jobs in telecommunications it seemed that making sounds was part of this mans build enabling him to teach and spread his knowledge throughout.

Heavily influenced from music from the likes of Kraftwerk’ Model 500 Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson Detroit techno sound of 1981 – 86 before the major changes took place. His craving for raw unadulterated music forged relationships with different producers up and down the UK. expanding on his ever increasing knowledge base of technology and djing in some of the grungiest underground clubs spinning vinyl before cd’s before the technology boom.

Still searching for that sound and moving into a serious partying climate to fuel his addiction of music, it seems that the progression into club promotion wasn’t far. This enabled him to get his tightly forged sound out there promoting underground parties in Cheltenham’ Bristol & hometown Birmingham heading huge babooshka parties, with the worlds most elite Dj’s and being at the start of what is now one the biggest festivals this country has to offer Global Gathering.

Finally launching the label csGASRecords Dark Chambers can be found in his newly built for 2011 recording studio “Brikworx” also the home of csGAS records (House) & Division Sub Recordings (Techno) releasing music respected and reviewed by some of the worlds biggest Dj’s and producers.

His love for drum & base Dubstep, hip hop, and now future garage, glitch and most newly formulated sound genres shows the ever changing world of music that he lives in.

With music moving as fast as it does, patric’s production has been forward thinking whilst delving into electronics and melodic techno under a mysterious alter ego know as Dark Chambers,

2011 Chambers creates the new addition to his psyche


This mans impressive tour of duty over the last two decades of making electronic music is now imprinted in 2 albums.

Dark Chambers is proving that the scene is progressing as he begins to go over ground with his sound!