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Dark Soul Project


Dark Soul Project


Dark Soul Project


Ivan Jaime aka dark soul proejct, was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina. in 1987.

he was a creative guy when he was young, always near art. in special with paint and design.

during his free time he always was close to music in all his special moments he decided to be followed for some melodies.

unconsciously at the age of 12 he started to do his own recorded tapes organizing the tracks with an order of intensity and feelings.

inspired in the sounds of new order , depeche mode, human league, jean michael jarre, and the 80 s and 90 s dance music, he start to play music in birthdays to one day know the record music store where he discover a whole new world of music.

thats was a big step where he know a lot of djs and he learn a lot about dance and house music.

one day when he was 16 years old, the owner of the shop recomend him to listen hernan cattaneo because he was close to his likes and sounds. and thats was love at first listen.

he discovered the avantgarden of the electronic music , the evolution of house music .

he was following a lot to hernan and other djs like sasha nick warren digweed, dave seaman deep dish, lee burridge, lexicon avenue, echomen, james holden, danny howells, amont others.

music was changing in 2009 and he decided to start doing his own music to can have the escence of that old great progressive house and dark tribal, where he did his first two albums alma del sur, and mayan prophecies.

was a total succes his 2 albums lot of djs of the scene where playing his start, was a revolution that dark sound in that time.

ivan was learning day by day how improve his sound and as result he start to fusion techno with house, with trance with minimal, and taking the deep scense and the groove of house music he started to have his own sound.

melodies and groove are his mark and are the result of lot of years playing and studing music.

there was an after and beofre in his life and was when hernan cattaneo played his track 76 spheres at tranzitions with john digweed. and also hernan was playing in all his shows the track.

the sound of 76 spheres was so futuristic for that time ans was a big inspiration to continue sending music to hernan where he start to obtain his support and of other djs like guy j, dave seaman, nick warren, john digweed, sasha, laurent garnier, john 00 fleming, anthony papa, dnox and beckers, armin van burren, 16 bit lolitas, cid inc, Barrie Jamieson, robert babics, and many many more.

now a days is one of the most renowned names in his country in the electronic music scene, and his also having the support of some big names .

pure of talent this guy from buenos aires is making a mess with his music.

his sets are hipnotic and really deep, full of melodies, and with intesity.

people goes crazy in his gigs, and every event he plays is a party with all the meaning of the word.

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