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Dave Aju


Dave Aju

United States

Dave Aju


“Rise and shine, shine and set.. Right on time, and time again..” – Be Like The Sun

Bay Area born Marc David Barrite aka Dave Aju is a reliable name for fresh and distinctive electronic music, combining a deep knowledge and passion for dance music history with a fearless, forward-thinking approach to production and performance. A diverse range of influences from his jazz upbringing and hip-hop years, to the outer realms of experimental post-rock and musique concrète can be heard in Aju’s unique sound, always with a solid sense of rhythm owed to his roots as a dancer.

Dave Aju remixes, DJ sets, and live performances are always in demand at selective labels, clubs, and festivals across the globe. Following the success and praise for his body of work including several notable EPs and remixes as well as three full-length concept-driven albums on the Circus Company label, Aju is as active as ever expanding his musical multiverse, with promising collaborations such as the voice of the Guillaume & The Side Effects and KAMM bands, one-third of Berlin-via-SF DJ power trio Something Something Something, along with a string of new solo releases on labels such as the recently-revived Music For Freaks and Matthew Herbert’s Accidental label. Dave Aju, a true contrary of deja vu, is a rare breed indeed, and we never know what’s coming next..