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Deaf Pillow


Deaf Pillow


Deaf Pillow


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Based in Lima, Deaf Pillow is the result of ten years of hard work and experience combined into one project. This one shows us what’s been going on in Lima’s electronic music scene for the last decade. Well known DJ’s and Producers Rodrigo Lozano & Christian Berger have joined forces to bring to the studio a sound that represents them as a duo. Deaf Pillow is the unmistakably result of an outstanding collaboration between two pioneers responsible of Lima’s underground music landscape.
Their production work has been released on their label called Audionumb Music (PE), Crosstown Rebels (UK), Better On Foot (US), Sudbeat (ARG), Hermine (FRA) and on the very well known German Labels Get Physical Music and Kindisch Music. Long time residents at the legendary club La Huaka and Loop Promoteʼs favorites, their dj sets as a duo and as individuals have shaped the Peruvian house scene with a sound of itʼs own.