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Before he was even old enough to make the decision himself, a life in music was always likely to come to Deltano. Even before the Belgium based DJ and producer can even remember he was submerged in sound on a regular basis as his mother took him to the local radio station where she recorded her rock show each week. From then on, he spent any spare time chopping up tunes, making playlists, mixtapes and generally trying to impart his musical taste on anyone willing to listen.

Fast forward to now and the young music obsessive has come good: having been offered a slot at a small but illustrious club in Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 21, Deltano impressed so much he was given a weekly residency and the rest, as they say is history. In 2012 the man has played the likes of Café D’Anvers, Extrema Outdoor Festival and Tomorrowland in Belgium, whilst having also been booked to play places like Ushuaia in Ibiza and Westerunie in Amsterdam along side the much lauded likes of Luciano, Dubfire, Magda, Matthias Tanzmann and many more.

According to the man himself, the sets he lays down “tend to have a slightly darker twist in them. I like to build up things really slowly, take everything to a higher level and really enjoy playing long sets because they allow me to tell a better story.”

Inspired throughout his life by a wide array of music from hip-hop to Nirvana via Belgium house, it’s only natural that Deltano produces, too. His deep, part house part techno but basically genre-defiant productions come on labels like Rawthentic, Suara, Rockets & Ponies, Monique Musique and Aella Music, all the while getting support from big players in the scene like Nic Fanciulli, Karotte, Carl Cox, Matthias Tanzmann, Timo Maas and many more. Basically this man creates what feels right for him, rather than following any trends of the day, both when producing and DJing. In truth, it always been this way; he has always needed an output for his creativity and music is the perfect fit. The aim of the man whether in a club or studio is an honest one: to convey the same experiences and feelings he himself gets from the music he makes, plays and unearths whenever he can… Driven by a real determination and rare passion to succeed Deltano is shaping up as one of the future’s brightest artists.