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Denise Rabe


Denise Rabe



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Born in the 80s in a small German town by Bielefeld, young Denise Rabe was mixing, scratching, and beat juggling beats by the age of sixteen.

Her journey into sound led to experiments with, House, Drum & Bass and finally took her to Berlin in 2011 to further feed her need for music.

Tel Aviv label and promoters Legotek took her in as family in 2012, but shortly after her brief affair with house music she surrendered to her roots and the darker side of music and in no time she was playing venues as the legendary Tresor.

Rabe’s development provided the opportunity to perform many roles, from radio show host on Berlin’s Sweatlodge to artist booker for Ipse, until Feb 2015 when she started hosting her own night: HIDE and SEEK, carefully selecting guests the likes of Claudio PRC, Luis Flores, VSK, Hector Oaks and Madalba among others.

2015 saw her producer debut as part of Mutewax 003 along side Mutecell, Pascal Roeder and Chad Kaska but she trully made her mark shortly after on ARTS Records with Penumbra, her first solo E.P.

As a DJ, her sound clearly reflects a natural ear for music with a flawless selection and technique, and a relentless hypnotic groove.