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Dexter Kane


Dexter Kane

United Kingdom

Dexter Kane


For booking info please contact: bookings [at] shadowsanctuary [dot] com. No promos, demos or general enquiries here please, thank you! x

I’m not really much of a fan of biogs. They rarely get read, and when they do they can often come across a bit self indulgent, which is why I struggle to write them. For this reason I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Dexter Kane is the latest of my projects, after having a few different monikers over the years. I simply use it as a platform to make music that I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes I may be influenced by something, sometimes I just fire up my synths and see what happens.

I feel very lucky to be able to write music on a daily basis and for the things that I’ve experienced through doing it. I’ve had the chance to DJ in most corners of the world and see my tunes supported by a lot of the artists I admire and respect.

Here’s what I wrote when I set up my label in 2012:

Shadow Sanctuary is the home of London based artist Dexter Kane. Whilst the imprint is primarily an outlet for his own music, showcasing work from friends, established artists and rising talent is also a large part of it’s ethos. Expect a plethora of sounds to resonate from this sanctuary’s shady depths, a home for dancefloor fodder and cutting edge cuts alike. All profits generated from record sales are donated to humanitarian charities. Music is art; music is love.

Thanks for your support x