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Hailing from Toulouse, Dilemn, infamous in the Nu-French-touch scene has come of age. Totally dedicated to underground electronic music culture for the last decade, absorbing a wealth of sounds from various genres and torturing his machines with serious production skills. This young composer has found his home in the space between electro and breaks, a huge state-of-the-art wall of noize! Producers such as Tiga, Boys Noize and various British breakbeat producers have already worked with this inspired lad. Check him live and see what all the fuss is about.

Dilemn is one of those artists composing his own music, producing, and playing on stage out of proportion. It does not only capture his audience, he places it into another world, just the time to deliver a Ep, a live set, and soon an album.
Highly powerful, Dilemn’s tracks blow huge basses, with monstruous kicks and staggering rhythmic. Keyboards melodies pour on incredible grooves and take you into a deep swirl of pleasure. Played by reputed dj’s like Tiga, Soulwax, Tacteel, Erol Akan, Cut La Roc and having done an unavoidable Birdy Nam Nam remix, he’s spotted by the Diesel compilation Edges on Because Music. Today Dilemn is very popular on the international electro scene and it’s not unusual to see him in the Top 10 of digital best sales. Dilemn comes back with his first album Better Worlds» out in March 2011.
Sometimes spatial or dancefloor, his tracks merge electro with funk, hip-hop and rock with some featurings such as Youthstar, Miss Trouble, Blake from Puppetmastazwith Wonderkat and Smurfie Syco from Dizzee Rascal records label. His new audiovisual live set with ROBOTO creation (SKRILLEX universe designer, DEADMAU5 mascot) and VJ-Zero will wake all your senses up, on breathtaking synth lines or edited samples, intertwined with uncluttered and unstructured graphics, sometimes frenzied, border line psychotic. A universe that will make most of you jump The very best producers of electro as 2 Many DJs, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Bloody Beetroots, or those from english breakbeat, already playlisted him at several occasions … In fact, Dilemn has released more than twenty original tracks and remixes on French and international labels, giving him the chance to play around the world (Europe, Canada, Australia and USA). Among his early compositions, we find « Ghetto Town » recorded on the Canadian label Turbo, and a remix of Shadow Dancer « Cowbois », signed on Boys Noize Records. His Ep « Cosmica », released on November 2008 on Boxon Records, received a warm welcome from the press. And shortly after, his remix of WAT’s « Ground Zero », released on March 2009 on the same label, ranks in the top 10 Beatport sales only two weeks after its release (in the category Indie Dance / Nu Disco ). Then, are following multiple remixes and Ep which led him each time on new paths, new approaches to composition and push his limits. And this artist is not satisfied to pick the public where it wants to be transported, he can also bring him there. Currently, the release of a first album, « Better Worlds » is going on. Scheduled for early 2011, he signed it on Boxon Records, featuring the voice of Blake (Puppetmastaz), Mc Youthstar, or even Miss Trouble or Smurfit Syco, last foal of the Dizzee Rascal’s label …