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DJ Pure


DJ Pure





Over 25 years ago DJ Pure first discovered the techno scene, which at the time was still in its infancy. From the outset he knew that this was his world and went on to be successful in helping techno grow. In 1995, after organising west Switzerland’s first ‘Afterhours’ (OXUS, Bern and Macumba, Fribourg) and developing and leading the second ‘Swiss Rave-Store’ (Absolut Joy in Bern), DJ Pure started mixing. His original sets were quickly recognised throughout Switzerland. In the same year he had sets at events such at Futurescope, Atlantis, White Wolf and Victory. Shortly after this, came sets at the legendary ‘Inka-Afterhours’ at Bern’s Markthalle. By 1998 he had performed there more than two hundred times, and so perfected his mixing technique!

In 1997, along side mixing, DJ Pure started to branch out into the world of the media. Following ‘Line Up’, Star TV’s techno magazine, DJ Pure dedicated himself to building up and producing his idea in the form of a daily radio show, techno style. In early 1999 it was all systems go – ‘TranceEscape’ was broadcast for the first time on the national radio station ‘Couleur3’. Today the radio show is a regular feature on the techno scene, broadcasting live events from some of the biggest clubs and raves and reaching more than a million listeners per week via cable, satellite and radio.

Even in the early days, DJ Pure knew that he did not want to restrict his musical talents to just playing records. And so, in 1996, he started long and slow learning process involved in becoming a musical producer and composer. In 1996 DJ Pure first met Francesco Tedesco, with whom he recorded his first techno productions that it carried to meet in 2001 the Italian producers team formed by Davide Bomben, Dariush, Ricky Fobis, Igor S., Lady Brian. During the years which followed, DJ Pure continued to increase his knowledge in the art of production. He released more than 30 CDs and 100 songs which featured a number of star producers, including Mauro Picotto, Igor S., Dariush, Phil Green or Cyglas on the ‘BXR’ labels, Sony, EMI, Warner Music, Universal, Dos or Die, Trauma a.m.m. Actually he is the founder of RMS Records with his partner Davide Bomben that works with the Italian friends of ever.