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Doc Martin


Doc Martin

United States

Doc Martin


If there was a house DJ in America who could accurately claim to be the most important house DJ working today, it would be Doc Martin. But then, Doc would never accept such a title even if it happens to be true, because Doc is not only a legendary talent but a legendarily humble man.

Doc Martin has earned the respect of many who are fanatic about his style of DJ’ ing. His style crosses over from all timeless genres providing his listeners a new outlook & ever growing futuristic, unique sound. He can always surprise you with a rare classic that crosses time zones and still hits the spot even now. You will always feel the warmth of the crowd around the decks watching him spin away as they dance. The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from Deep House to his funky Tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of Acid which creates soundscapes that cross all barriers. His collection of rare & classic records can be heard at his gigs.

He continuously chooses and enjoys mixing with digital and analogue gear as he creates his own signature style of DJ’ing & Recordings. Constantly producing and remixing for his own and various labels across the world Doc Martin is always working on a new project. He constantly tours at such clubs as: Residency at Output Brooklyn (New York), Residency at Electric Pickle (Miami), Residency at Flash (Washington DC), Residency at Outspoken, Couture (Hollywood), Residency at Factory93, (Los Angeles), Residency at Sublevel (Los Angeles).

He has also hit the DC10 (Ibiza) circuit twice this summer playing along side Seth Troxler, Ralph Lawson, Dan Ghenecia, Ellen Alien, Cassy, Martinez Brothers, Damian Lazarus, Apollonia. Cityfox (New York) & Los Angeles along with Dixon. Fabric’s 15 yr Anniversary (London) playing along side DJ’s such as Craig Richards, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Dixon, Ame, Terry Francis, DJ Three. As well as other cities like Toronto Coda with DJ Sneak & Ricardo Villalobos, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver Shine with Jay Tripwire, Rex Paris with D’Julz & Phil Weeks, KCRW Hammer Museum, Public Works (San Francisco), Cityfox (New York), Coachella Festival, Sunwaves Beach Festival, Long Beach Festival, Long Beach Pier, High Tides (Cruises) Soup New York. New Sound nightclub Hollywood with Steve Lawler & Sublevel Live, The Exchange LA. He visits Tokyo once a year at different venues/festivals, and everywhere in between. He has frequently played at such clubs & festivals as:

Coachella (Indio) Cityfox (NY & LA) B.P.M. Festival (Playa Del Carmen) Listed – La Santanera (Playa Del Carmen) Corsco Heineken (Indio) Sublevel (Los Angeles) DC 10 (Ibiza) Sunwaves Festival (Romania) Bob Beaman (Munich) Desert Hearts (SoCal) Back to Basics 22yr Anniversary (Leeds) High Tide (Cruises) Soup (New York) Soul Clap party @ Movement Trouw (Amsterdam) Ubermax (London) Output (Brooklyn) Sankey’s (New York) Clevelander (Miami) Vagabond (Miami) Ice Palace (Miami) Sunset 20 yr Anniversary (San Fransico) Ovum BPM House Gangster BPM DEMF (Detroit) Eleven (Tokyo) Sunset Junction Festival (Bali) Shine (Vancouver) Coda (Toronto) Ozone (Hong Kong) Circus (Ibiza) Electric Elephant Festival Zoo Project (Ibiza) Mint Warehouse (UK) Soul Clap UK Warehouse (UK) Flash (Washington DC) Fabric (London) Panorama Bar (Berlin) The Rex (Paris) Womb (Tokyo) Outside Lands (SF) Squamish Festival (Canada) The Block (Tel Aviv) Tabloid (Tokyo) Mago (Nagoya) Mighty (SF) Public works (SF) Mezzanine (SF) Salted Mighty (SF) Housepitality (SF) Remedy (SF) Deep (LA) Sound (Hollywood) Art of Sound (SD) Lost Beach (Ecuador) Body English (Hard Rock Casino Las vegas) King King (Hollywood) Couture (Hollywood) Los Globos (Los Angeles) Niteshift (LA) Rouge Cat (Atlanta) Norad (Denver) Bar Standard (Denver) Spin (San Diego) Shine Nightclub (Vancouver) TSL Lounge (Miami) Grasshopper (Detroit) New Guernica (Melb, Australia) Sunset Junction (Street Fair Los Feliz) Romania La Mania Romania DJ Music Awards U Street (DC) Tela viv Fetish Mi Casa Su Casa (Playa Del Carmen) Dharma Lounge (NC) Electric Pickle (Miami) Un Mute (Circo Loco (WMC) Sneak Beats (WMC) Harumi Audio Festival (Tokyo) Funktion (Seoul) World, (Kyoto, Japan) Tao (Las Vegas) Holic (London) I am (Manchester) East Village (UK) 11: 11 (Istanbul) Second Sunday (Mission Rock) Love (New York) Club Heaven (Seoul) Ovum 15yr Anniversary WMC Miami The Faith 10 Year Anniversary (Garden Festival) Ministry (London) Beta (Denver) Content (Manchester) Secret Sundaze (London) Full Circle, Egg (London) East Village (London) Republik (Waterford Ireland) Back to Basics (England Leeds) The End (London) Cielo (New York) Yellow (Japan) Ghost Bar / Sound Bar (Las Vegas) Previlege (Ibiza) Amnesia (Ibiza), Roxy (NY) Sound Factory (NY) Avalon (NY & LA) Pacha (Ibiza & NY) Sullivan Room (NY) Circus (Liverpool) How Sweet it is (Los Angeles) Nocturnal Wonderland (Los Angeles) JuJubeats (Los Angeles) Electric Daisy Carnival(Los Angeles) Homelands (UK) Ecco (Hollywood) Focus (Costa Mesa) Temple (SF) Twilo (New York) Get Down (Denver) Hacienda (Manchester) T in the park (Scottland) MNS (Hollywood) Sound Bar (Chicago) Zentra (Chicago) Stereo (Montreal) Prophecy 2 (San Antonio) Café Del Mar (San Francisco) The Love Parade (San Francisco) Perfecto with Paul Oakenfold at The Palms (Las Vegas) Q Bar (Bangkok Thailand) PS1 (New York) Batofar boat party in Paris (France) Seven (Australia) To name a few

Doc Martin has toured with The Basement Jaxx & Daft Punk in Australia. He has also played with James Brown, Grace Jones, Inner City, and about anyone else you can think of. Doc Martin also held a residency at Glam Slam in Los Angeles back in the 1990’s.

Doc Martin and singer / songwriter Lillia are recognized for their Live shows and Underground events in Los Angeles. When Lillia performs with Doc Martin the duo is known as “Sublevel Live”. Doc Martin likes to add Roland Acid fills & uses Pioneer gear to give Sublevel Live it’s own style mixing in a Live Vocal over a DJ format feel. Together they started the Sublevel record label based out of Los Angeles & have released a variety of electronic music. They have toured Japan, USA, Europe & Canada .

Lillia has found true inspiration on her tours in such cities as Tokyo, Playa Del Carmen, London, North & South California, Berlin & Amsterdam. Whether in an Underground, Club or Festival you can always feel the warm energy of Sublevel. They have performed their own material at venues and events such as

Coachella (Indio) Womb (Tokyo) B.P.M. Festival (Playa Del Carmen) Listed – La Santanera (Playa Del Carmen) Panorama Bar (Berlin) DEMF (Detroit) Sunset Junction Festival (Bali) Souliel (San Diego) Sublevel (Los Angeles) Sound (Hollywood) Ice Palace (Miami) Norad (Denver) Los Globos (Los Angeles) Tabloid (Tokyo) Mago (Nagoya) Salted Mighty (SF) Spin (SD) Art of Sound (SD) Fabric (London) Foro Vallarta (Guadalajara Mexico) Harumi Audio Festival (Tokyo) Funktion (Seoul) World, Un Mute (Circo Loco WMC) Love (New York) Sullivan Room (NY), Niteshift (Los Angeles) PS1 (New York) Supper Club (Los Angeles) House Society (Las Vegas) Perfecto with Paul Oakenfold at The Palms (Las Vegas) Club Heaven (Seoul) Beta (Denver) Democratic Convention 08 City Hall (Denver), Moon Palms (Las Vegas) Harlot (San Francisco) Temple (San Francisco) The End Up (San Fransisco) DEMF Detroit Music Festival, Taico Club Nagano (Japan) Yellow Tokyo (Japan) Loop (Tokyo) WareHouse (Tokyo) Future 10 (Indonesia), Q Bar (Bangkok Thailand) Next Door (Hawaii) The Garden Festival (Croatia) The Viper Room (West Hollywood) Cielo BPM party (New York) Niteshift (Los Angeles) Sublevel for WMC at Spice Pacha (New York) Santanera (Playa Del Carmen) Club Minc (Dallas) La Sereta (Juarez) Batofar boat party in Paris (France) Ruby Skye (San Francisco) Onyx room in San Diego