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Toronto based DJ, Drala is an up and comer in the Toronto House scene. Having performed shows in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Jamaica, this rising talent continues to impress upon party goers and music lovers. His deep, soulful afro-house sounds touch body, mind and soul. There is something both esoteric and wistful about the way Drala performs his set leaving the audience with an experience that resonates.

Hailing from Toronto is newcomer Drala. With a background of Trinidad and Canada alike, his first EP, ‘datFREAKY’ released under Yoruba Records, brings cool breezes to the scene while claiming a stake in this musical playground. Already a staple in Osunlades DJ sets, datFREAKY has already become a much desired floor banger with demanding stabs, smooth and subtle deeply combine a signature sound yet to be compared. Dralas Theme takes us deeper into his world as syncopated bass lines dance with pulsating rhythms. Spirits And Smiles continues the movement with brigade like drums, airy chords and industrial tones driving the track while never losing ground. The Gods Made Me Funky takes you on a heightened journey within yourself, transcending mind and soul with haunting vocals by spiritual sage Astarius.