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Easy Kid


Easy Kid


Easy Kid


Underground electronic music producer from Madrid.

Formed by Guillermo Marraco (1989) and Pablo Sainz de Robles (1993), both from Madrid in 2011.

Easy Kid is the evolution of a rock band that gathers at Pablo´s garage at the beginning of 2009. After the summer of 2011 they make a turn to electro-rock that within a couple of months turns out to be purely electronic music.

Guillermo starts to play guitar and to study music at the age of 13. He moves to London in 2007 and gets absorbed by electronic music right away. Soon he starts deejaying and buying records. Back in Madrid in 2010, he starts to organize his first parties in the centre of the city where he plays all-night-long sets. In 2011 is invited to play in Ibiza for the first time and starts to produce his own tracks, with an early first release on the french´s netlabel Art-Ak.

Pablo attended to the prestigious integrated music conservatory Padre Antonio Soler in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. He specializes in flute but due to his curiosity, knowledge and skills, he is able to play more than a dozen different instruments at the age of 17.

After a firs year of locking up in their home studio they decide its time to start spinning around as Easy Kid. Its then when they decide to start their own night in town. With the help of Fran Zaragoza and Federico Sainz de Robles Blackout Club Madrid is born in October 2012.