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A long-time composer, producer, sound designer, label owner and DJ. Peter is responsible for significant, vast appearances on labels spanning the world.

Peter was introduced to electronic music at the age of 9 through one of the first vinyl albums received E≠mc² by Marek Bilinski in 1984 on Polton records. Among polish and international music, his influences were the polish radio – especially – experimental studio and muzyka el as well as early science programs on television featuring electronic noises and music.

He moved to Italy in the fall of the 80’s, started listening to underground Radio and attending to raves. As a result, he took his first dj residency in Ladispoli at the age of 16.

Moved to Windsor, Canada shortly after, and continued deeper explorations of techno sound, listening to radio, attending to The Music Institute and checking out the show called The new dance show in Detroit.

Year later, moved to the west coast and in 1993 started his first experiments with sound at a Port Moody High school studio in Vancouver. During the weekends, he rented the school studio and learn by himself about analog equipment, sequencing, sampling and processing of audio, he built his own studio, recorded and worked on his craft to later perform Live. He held residencies at underground spots like Up Above, the World, The Twilight Zone in Gas town and was a frequent guest at Home Base radio shows run on CITR radio and Simon Fraser university.

Returned to Poland in 1998, met Damon Wild, and joined Synewave Records. Released singles, remixes under Echoplex, and formed a project with Damon Wild – Niteworks, showcased Live at Awakenings, Astigmatic festivals. In the meantime, started Soleil Records and took worldwide tours in major European, Japanese, Australian and American towns.

Through projects, alter ego’s and collaborations, released and licenced music to Nova Mute, M_nus, Soleil, Synewave, Soundform, Kanzleramt, Missile, Torema, Technique, Solo Action, Sensitive Kemistry, Abiotic, G-force, Hertz, Mosquito, Mutter, Semi-Automatic, EPM, Black Nation, Mechanism Industries, LL, Speaker Attack, End 2 End to list some.

After a special invite to play at Berghain club in 2013 during Marcel Fengler’s album launch on Ostgut Ton, Peter joined Index Marcel Fengler label and released The Soft Reaction EP a year later.

Recently he has performed Live at both Ostgut Ton Label showcase at the Glasgow’s art school and first IMF label showcase at Berghain club.

Echoplex is currently working on the first studio album for IMF, scheduled to release remixes on Synewave, Face to Face, Involve, Night tripper, Animal Farm, Technosoul, and appear on compilations of IMF, Soma and The Chronicle.

Echoplex is also planning to launch his new label, more information to be announced soon.