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Eddie Fowlkes


Eddie Fowlkes

United States

Eddie Fowlkes


Eddie “Flashing” Fowlkes is a living legend of Detroit Techno, a founding father, a DJ pioneer and a musical ambassador of the Detroit vibe. Growing up in the Motor City meaning be immersed into Motown and all kind of Black Music, Eddie definitely has the groove running through his veins.

First mixer in 1978 gives him a taste for production, and his first record came out in 1986. “Goodbye Kiss” is one the most legendary release on the no less famous Metroplex Record and definitely one of the main proto-piece of techno culture.

With the popularity of his Goodbye Kiss, Fowlkes paved the way for the young Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, giving to the Detroit landscape the perfect soundtrack of all time. He started to play in Chicago and NYC, then eventually in Europe where his inventive DJing style (three turntables, a mixer, wah-wah pedal and the 808 & 909 drum machines – quick as Flash) met with success.

In 1990 Eddie made a trip to Berlin that allowed a record deal with the famous Tresor Records label as well a collaboration with Moritz Von Oswald and Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb). These “3MD” (3 motherfuckers in Berlin) worked together to gave birth to the LP “The Birth of Technosoul”. Eddie founded his label, City Boy Records in 1993 and signed many underground classics since then. Going further into the techno culture, Eddie created Detroit Wax in 2004 as a subsidiary of City Boy, to express a more mature sound and to give a funkier aspect to his work with thumping percussion and funky basslines. In addition to that, Eddie releases on both major record labels and various independents, such as: Sony, BMG, Warner Brothers, KMS, Desolat, Azuli, and more recently, Defected. Eddie also played all around the world, including Europe, Eastern Asia, North America and Australia. As a international ambassador of techno, he played in electronic music temples such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), DC 10 (Ibiza), Virgo (Paris) and many more.

With a catalog of songs reaching nearly thirty years, Eddie has nothing more to proof regarding production. This series of EPs feels like a logical follow-up as well as a new way for Eddie to reinvent himself through the sound.