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Eddie Hu


Eddie Hu


Eddie Hu


Beatport Artist Page:

Eddie Hu‭, ‬From Kaohsiung‭, ‬an industrial city in‭ ‬south of Taiwan‭, ‬since a young age‭, ‬with influence of rock music‭, ‬he started his rock band life as vocal and also guitar player through a decade of producing‭, ‬recordings and performing‭.‬

In 2005‭, ‬he has been fascinated with‭ ‬diversification of‭ ‬Dance music ‭. ‬and after the release of his independent tracks‭ ‬and DJ live shows‭, ‬Eddie’s reputation slowly spread‭.‬

A love for rock and electronica and a desire to create‭ ‬more different music‭, ‬Eddie digs into House and Techno and tries to create Dance Music‭ ‬full of grooving‭.‬

Formed out of passion for the beauty of‭ ‬electronica‭, ‬Eddie’s first goal at this point is to work with different musicians from all over the world‭, ‬not only to pursue his musical interests‭ ‬but also to present the richness of‭ ‬asian music.

In 2012. Eddie also work with some famous Label like: Revox Records Taiwan,Nervous Records NYC,Dimdim Records Italy and more…