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Elia Perrone


Elia Perrone


Elia Perrone


Elia Perrone has been nominated on Dj Mag, one of Luciano favourite italian DJ’s. Elia was born in Tuscany in Arezzo, since his early days as a youngster he’s always been collecting cd of every kind of music, from hip-hop to jazz, from classical music to house. At one point during his early days he had the need to start playing guitar together with some friends producing quality music, but as he was discovering “the night life” he soon abandons the idea of a rock band. Having a brother as Dj, has helped him to carve him self as a musician as he was surrounded from equipment and facilities that were able to instigate experimentation, and little by little by playing in private parties he reaches and creates a knowledge of electronic music. This has obviously blossomed, as he becomes a fully and professional Dj at ” Klang Club ” and starts collaborating in many events that were held in town, and at last being heard on international ” web radio’s”.

Thanks to all the experiences gathered through out all the gigs he has done all around Italy, his conception of music it’s very vast, as there isn’t a favourite kind of music but only a strong urge to experiment. His sets are a variety of deep house sounds with Latin tonalities, to the minimal shades of tech house. He shares his console with international artists such as: Troy Pierce, Reboot, Nick Curly, Paco Osuna, Ernesto Ferreyra, Marc Houle, Claudio Coccoluto, Robert Dietz, Camea, Fabrizio Maurizi, Click Box, Alex Picone, Dani Casarano, Idriss D and many others. In June 2011 his first EP “Beginning” was released under the label that he is founder of “UNCLER RECORDS”. Still with Unclear not after long his remix “Children of Forever” is releases, an EP of Francisco Allendes (Cadenza,Viva Music) that has been known of good and strong feedbacks.