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Fabian Jakopetz


Fabian Jakopetz


Fabian Jakopetz


DJ / producer / remixer / PR / event manager

As a child he played a guitar in various bands, but he haven’t found his way in expressing by live instruments. He was influenced by his older brother who was listening to electronic music from it’s start, so that’s the source of his beginning. As a minor has started his music career under the name DJ Dechko and practically overnight he achieves success at the local electronic music scene. In that time he has performed on all major projects and programs in Croatia such as:
Future Sound of Zagreb, F-Scope, Astralis, Direct Drive, and clubs such as The Best, Boogaloo Club, Sokol Club, Aquarius, Aurora, Fort Bourguignon, Oxygene, Fun Academy – La Noche, and many others.

These performances enabled him massive exposure and permanent connection with the audience where he gained his experience where he achieved a great sense for floor-feeling which he uses to satisfy dancing and smiling ravers on the dance floor. Styles that he dynamicly plays are a sort of eclectic fusion of Techno, Techouse, House, Progressive and Minimal music, although in creative moments he likes to surprise his crowd with some other stuff not linked to these genres.

In parallel with DJ career, he started to do production of electronic music, but through years of musical experience, he gained confidence and courage to send his music to labels that in 2009 resulted with the first release in colaboration with Damir Pushkar for the legendary Bonzai Records. This release broke the ice of his career, which was since then in absolute growth, and results by new releases on large and world famous labels, such as:

Yin Yang Records, Baroque Records, Decide Music Concept, Sony Music Entertainment, Funk’n Deep Records, Whartone Records, Donkey Head Recordings, Le bien et le mal, ZYX Music, Sound of Acapulco, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Punch Underground and many others. Except listed, he is the co-owner of Croatian label Dub Records led by his fellow friend Dub Way.

He is one of the rare Croats who had the opportunity to remix so many greats of world electronic music, which some of them were nominated for Grammy, legends like:

Tiesto, Eddie Amador, Spartaque, Oliver Moldan, Jerry Ropero, Steve Mulder, AnGy KoRe, Daniele Petronelli, Balthazar & JackRock, Ali Wilson, Airwave, TKNO, Dataworx, Arkatec a.k.a. Thomas Penton, Pierre Deutschmann, Giorgio Rusconi, Stanny Abram, Alen Milivojevic, Joe Maker, Joseph Disco, Robin Hirte, Jean-Marie Kone, Mario De Bellis, Adoo, Angie Brown (Bizarre Inc.), Sinisa Lukic, Superstrobe, Mario Miranda, The Jeyenne, Damir Pushkar, Eddy Cabrera, SL Curtiz, Paul Hazendonk, Flash Brothers, Jake Childs and many more…

Numerous music releases opened the gates for him at the international level and he began to appear outside Croatian borders in countries such as:

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serb…

For the past decade, he has being an active DJ and producer and successful organizer of electronic music events, therefor he organises his resident DJ nights Sinergy in association with company G2. Since he was always willing to exchange experience and views, helping young and promising producers and DJs, he rounded his whole work by radio show House Tuner which was broadcasted on radio frequency and Internet stream.