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Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr.


Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr.


Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr.


“We invented Indie Tech House.”

The Thuringian live act Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr. is venturously kicking in all kinds of genre doors. This intoxicating sound, that is so full of crispy indie tech house with elements deeply rooted in rock’n roll, techno and pop, is an inspiration to some serious tears of joy.

At their live gigs, Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr. radiate the energy of a punk concert combined with the permanent driving groove of a techno set. The frictional heat of the different musical backgrounds of these two sympathetic boys from the German East sparks unique and incredibly danceable gigs and crispy productions. Despite or precisely because of their charismatic silliness and catchy sounds, the Indie Tech House duo is always incredibly closely connected to the audience and guarantees for long nights that’ll make you sweat.

Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr. are playing on the whole musical color palette – as they like. A steady Deephouse Beat performed with a cutting guitar is as naturally rolling through the loudspeakers as a smacking Techno groove and Fabian Reichelt’s distinctive vocals. With a palpable love for funk and his extremely versatile voice, the musician and singer adds an electrifiying energy to the sound that takes you straight to the dancefloor.

While Fabian Reichelt has already done a few projects with Marek Hemmann in 2010, with Andreas Henneberg and has played on the genre fields of jazz, rock and soul, Raycoux has been on tour for several years as a successful Techno and House DJ in Germany and Europe. Individual releases on labels such as Freude am Tanzen, Get Physical, Voltage or ZYX Music are only a few cornerstones in the duo’s biography. Their position as pro-artists with AKAI as well as Allen & Health not to mention.

At home at the best clubs like the Watergate or Sisyphos in Berlin, the Waagenbau in Hamburg or at the Rote Sonne in Munich, Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr. present endorphin-accelerating live performances over and over again, that do not only resonate in Germany, but echo wide throughout Europe.

With the single “Loslassen”, Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr.’s vocal interpretation of the Tube & Berger track “Bring back the Love”, they have their first hit together. Including label partner Gertrud Tonträger (Ex-EMI) Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr.’s album release this summer as well as their single releases have received an enormous feedback. Stay tuned!