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Federico Molinari


Federico Molinari


Federico Molinari


Federico Molinari from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an exponent of fine and qualitative house music in all their imaginable facets.

Argentinian born Federico Molinari has early roots in music. Originally trained
as a bass guitarist, he has been into Jazz and other musical directions long
before he started to experiment with electronic music. In the early noughties
Federico moved to Germany, where he met Nekes, Ray Okpara and Johnny
D. The guys then spent several years together in Mannheim, while they were
managing the Zoo Club and playing all around the Frankfurt/Main area. Later
Federico found himself at Freebase Records, where he was dealing with fine
tunes for a couple of years. During this time, he and Nekes decided to found
OSLO Records, to find a way to express their own idea of electronic music, as
well as to have a homebase for own productions and those of friends. Quickly
OSLO became one of the hottest underground imprints and gained attention
not only in Europe, but all over the world for its superb and original releases.
For several years now, Federico Molinari is travelling all around the globe. He
became a respected and frequently booked artist and is a well known
character in the scene. He has released several EPs on labels as
Raum…Musik, Tsuba and others in recent years. In 2013 he moved to Berlin.
Federico is also involved in several art projects with international multimedia