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Ferdinand Dreyssig


Ferdinand Dreyssig


Ferdinand Dreyssig


Ferdinand Dreyssig – Berlin Based Dj and Music Producer

Berlin, Germany

This producer and Dj is one artists who established himself well in the electronic music scene in Germany and Europe.

Being born in south Germany, he has brought the Bavarian “Gem├╝tlichkeit” with him all along. After passing some years in Austria and Barcelona,

he made himself at home in good old Berlin, riding his Bike in between his home and his studio.

He is focusing on vocal infused, beat oriented Techno and Techhouse music. In his productions, you can hear that a man is at work, who

knows his gear well and who likes to linger in perfection. Ferdinand’s musicality is clearly apparent and through his numerous releases on

some of Germany’s biggest and most important labels, he has demonstrated his mastery of electronic music but kept his trademark respect

for space and depth and arrangements, through fine attention to production details. Ferdinand’s Home base-Label is Clap Your Hands, but he

is well-known for several releases on Katermukke, Get Physical and Resopal Schallware, among many others.

There is also much more to come in concerns to remixes and releases in 2016.