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Frank Storm


Frank Storm



Frank Storm was born in Pisa on December 28th, 1991.

Since when he was a child he was interested in electronic music and listened to dance and house music, so much that at the age of thirteen he was given his first record players as a present.

During 2005 on Sunday afternoons he started his career playing in a well-known club in Brianza with the same music that was being played in notorious clubs the likes of Atlantique – Nausicaa and Rolling Stone in Milan.

In 2007 always in Brianza together with two friends he gave birth to an evening event, called Mad House. For the following three years, this event would host famous producers of the Italian and European scene, giving Frank the opportunity to work at the console with people such as Giusy Consoli, Luca Agnelli, Heatrobb, Yaya, Satoshi, Tomiie, Davide Squillace, Andrea Ferlin. Furthermore, this event was toured for three seasons both in Sardinia and in Riccione.

In 2010, at 19 years old, he started performing in the main rooms of clubs such as Magazzini Generali (Milano), Amnesia (Milano) and Bolgia (Bergamo); in this last one he is still the resident DJ and works with the most important names of the international techno scene.

At the same time he has successfully started a discographic career as a producer, publishing releases on brands such as Sleep Is Commercial Berlin- Diva records – Yuma & Amazing music. His record are played by DJ like Luciano, Paco Osuna, Italoboyz; Nic Fanciulli, Gabriel Ananda, Daniel Sanchez, Someone Else, Supernova Nice7 and many others, giving him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most famous clubs in Europe.

In 2012 for the first time in Ibiza he started playing in a beach club. This experience would allow him to work the following summer at the console of the Bora Bora club together with the staff of Amazing music.

During the winter season of 2012, together with two friend he successfully created a special evening event called Our Friends, that gave him the chance to work with artists of Desolat, Cadenza, Hot Waves, Clarisse, Drumcode, Etruria Beat.

For the future, he believes his career will consolidate both as a producer and as a DJ.