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GABBY’s the lady of choice for techno and house for a number of the best club nights in Australia. She’s no stranger to the techno stage at Australia’s leading festivals, warming up for the greats in her field – Claude Von Stroke, Jamie Jones and Guy Gerber are just a few of the peers GABBY’s supported at Stereosonic and Future Music Festival downunder.

Beyond her knack of playing deep house and techno in an incredibly fun, accessible way, the girl can also sing and write a hook or two… Her few forays into the studio have led to chart topping releases and license requests from around the world. Following the release of her debut remix of Sampology’s “Hell On Wheels” in early 2012, GABBY’s been head down in the studio working on an array of solo and collaborations both within Australia and abroad. Her much anticipated debut solo EP will be released on Reckless Republic late in 2012.

To say the future is bright for this multi-talented wonder woman is an understatement.


2012 “Down” – GABBY – Reckless Republic

2012 “Making Friends in Berlin” – GABBY – Reckless Republic

2012 “Touch Me” – Life Less Ordinary & GABBY

2010 “Adjective featuring GABBY” – NTFO – Sintope Digital

2009 “F Is For” – Silverscreen – Bam Bam Muzik

2007 “Point n Clap” – Elroy & Tom Piper feat GABBY – Bam Bam Muzik

2005 “Gonna Have To Pay” – Craig Obey feat Gabrielle Abela – Ministry of Sound


2012 “Hell On Wheels”- Sampology ft. Kween G (GABBY mix) – Sampology Soundtracks