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Gery Otis


Gery Otis


Gery Otis


The relationship between Gery Otis and techno music is similar to a beautiful love story. He was born in Napoli, in 1979, and the relationship with his city and with the music that is produced from it is a steady point in his artistic life and this is apparent when we read his real name, Gennaro Esposito, and he did not want to leave just to maintain that relationship with his hometown.

In the mid of 90’s he knows his greatest love: techno music. From Depeche Mode to the Orb, many influences have “contaminated” his music and led him away from the genre that was in vogue at the time: the house music. In 1996 he decided to start play with dj console and had first live performance experiment in the circuit of Napoli, but the love at first sight which took with techno music was during a party at “Cube” where he had the chance to listen Billy Nasty. In 2002 he decided to move to London to meet new artistic realities and to get more in touch with the world of techno. In the City Gery has the chance to perform in various clubs, such as the SeOne, the Fridge Bar and during this time his relationship with techno music tends to intensify .

In 2008 he decided to produce their own music, a step that will mark his entire future production. This first step saw him take the production path materializes in the track Start the Walk (the title is not accidental) published on Minitec Series (001) label of the famous artist Uto Karem. The track is characterized by tech-house sound on which intersect industrial synth and an insistent rhythm that transform the track and transport it to the techno universe. In 2009 he start an artistic relationship with Sasha Carassi, publishing various tracks on his label. In 2010 he released an EP called “Mezkal” on KLIENTELE Rec. (Chicago) the label of Angel Alanis, another pillar of American techno scene. In 2011 he created his own label ” Riabesch Music” and start to collaborate with various artists including Stanny Franssen, G-MAN and Angel Alanis too.

In 2012 he decided move to Barcelona for learn more about the musical and artistic ferment which at the time was overwhelming the Spain, very different from the English landscape of the City who had known until then. Here he has the chance to meet Joseph Capriati and receives valuable advice and thanks to him he has the chnace to get in touch with Adam Beyer, other pillar of the global techno scene, which often starts playing his tracks around the world. From then many labels have “hosted” Gery and the track that his produced. In the same year on Equilibrium Lab (Tokyo) public “Point of Light” an EP containing the highly successful track ” Red Moon ” played in the set of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, and much more.

His passion and his knowledge of music led him also to work as a sound engineer, focusing mixing & mastering for note record labels all around the world, leaving believe that behind these works there is somewhere which foreign artist.

In 2014 after many tracks supported by Adam Beyer in the best clubs and festivals in the world such as Berghain, the BPM Festival, the Time Warp, will release on the historic swedish label Drumcode ‘ Jazing ” a track features sounds groovy and techno accompanied by a hypnotic vocal, and immediately reached the highest positions on Beatport charts and received numerous positive feedback from top DJs. Production work tirelessly leading him in 2015 to remix a track on RIOT the label founded by Frankyeffe and another remix on the label “Wild” which in December will release its track.

In recent years its artistic life was concentrated specifically on the productions, but Gery Otis has never abandoned the console. In Napoli, since 2009, is a frequent guest of the party “We Dance Music Concept” and continue to travel around the world to propose not only his sound, but his unconditional love for techno music.