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gizA djs


gizA djs


gizA djs


GizA djs are an eclectic DJ/production duo from Italy.

GizA djs are an eclectic DJ/production duo from Italy. GizA is an acronym of their real names Gian Pietro and Tiziano. Their collaboration began in 2005 playing together in the parties organized by the web community
In 2012 began to collaborate with their friend Jesus Escobar for developing Jesus Love Records label. In 2013 became an active part in the project Xtreme Festival in north east Italy.
The idea of organizing electronic music festival in Italy comes after several years of work in the entertainment industry and after a careful analysis on the current needs and interests of the population including the passion for electronic music, the desire to have fun and meet each other in different and original places. This led to the idea of an innovative concept of electronic music festival named The Xtreme Festival: electronic music festival in Italy That turns roads, bridges, tunnels, warehouses into meeting places. The main topic is always a musical style trends: electronic music with DJs of electronic music from all over the World.
Nowadays gizA are active as producers, DJs, label managers and event organizers.