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Golden Bug


Golden Bug


Golden Bug


Golden Bug (La Belle Records):

Computer funk,70ies disco drums and acids synths cut up fervently like powder on a glass table at Studio 54.

Essential record producer, label owner, DJ, groove sculptor, metal sculptor: Golden Bug (also known as Antoine Harispuru) is nothing short of a true, incredibly multi-talented artist.

Details about his early years are scant but really interesting: born in Paris in his mother’s toy shop (“La Maison du Robot”) he apparently got his early education by…well, a robot named V.I.C.T.O.R.: a sentient japanese prototype of AI-based bot who took care of him from the cradle to the sampler.

What we also know is that as Antoine turned 14, V.I.C.T.O.R. got him a Roland TR808, an EMU sampler and some disco records.

Jumpcut to 2007 – little Antoine is now Golden Bug and his first solo EP, Barbie’s Back, is out on german label Gomma. It’s a huge success for the ghetto-disco wizkid as everyone starts falling in love for his sound: his first album, Hot Robot, is released in 2008 and Erol Alkan, Jori Hulkonnen, PrinsThomas, Digitalism, Shit Robot play his tracks all around the world.

A sound redefining the club vibes. A ghetto-inspired forward-thinking mix of booming basses, crispy synths and never-heard-before cut up voices, Hot Robot is an unforgivable groovathon.

A groovathon earning him calls from pretty much everyone: he remixes Who Made Who, BotOx, In Flagranti,Two Door Cinema Club, Clap Rules.Everybody wants a Golden Bug remix.

Next in the pipeline, 3 EPs follow: his sound is even punchier now, and at the same time more ‘out there’ and visionary. His tracks are played by people like Andrew Weatherall, Tiga, Chloé, Boris Duglosh,Ivan Smagghe, Justin Robertson.

He moves to Barcelona and after a world-wide live tour he decides parting ways with Gomma to create his own label, La Belle Records, founded with friends Herr Styler and La Tebwa entertainment, Paris. He baptizes the imprint with its first release, SoapOpera (feat. Mustang), then there’s One Way, featuring Mike de Tristesse Contemporaine (remixed by Freeform Five and Kasper Bjorke), Room 666 (remixed by Red Axes) and Wrong Thing (remixed by Remain, Jupiter Lion and Villa).

Every EP, every song, every mix, every edit is a step towards


his new album.